It’s Friday!


Photo Jan 17, 1 43 44 PM

Good Evening!  I had a long day today working on paperwork.  Not my favorite thing to do 😦

but I got these fabulous coupons from our local store called Younkers.  $50 off a $50 purchase and $35 off a $35 purchase!! How crazy is that?  So what does a girl do when she’s tired and crabby!??  GO Shopping!  5 shirts – 9 pair of socks all for $15 bucks!  so when the shirts went in the closet…five shirts went in the goodwill box.  So I’m not so crabby any more 🙂

Stamps Used:  A190 Tiny Heart, B226 KB’s Cappuccino Cup Small, D268 Sending Cup of Love, HH31 Chevron Border

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “It’s Friday!

  1. I followed your lead when you said five shirts went in your closet, so five shirts went in the Good Will bag. We returned from Florida and I purchased some new summer clothes while there. When unpacking and putting them in my closet I decided to remove many clothes I really no longer wanted or no longer fit. I filled a big bag for Good Will and removed many more items from my closet than I put in. I’m sure someone will find a new home for them and I now have a lot more room in my closet. It felt good!


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