Thinking of You


so we continue with really cold weather here in Green Bay.  Woke up to 0 degrees.  I must be getting used to it since I  quit wearing a coat to the shop and I just run really fast 🙂

We are hoping to finish up the Indy stamps today…not sure it’s possible since we have a long way to go but I like lofty goals.

Stamps Used:  A190 Tiny Heart, F210 Giga Rectangle Frame, EE27 Whumsy Daisy.

Have a super weekend!

Snail Mail


snail mail

a simple one layer card this morning!

Stamps Used:  A78 KB’s Butterfly, C268 Birthday Snail Mail, EE48 KB’s Snails

We are working in the shop today.  We are trying to get our stamps all made for the Indianapolis, IN show.   The Indy show is the first weekend of March.  We still have a quite a bit to do but I feel my walls and floors calling me too! 🙂  Never a dull moment around here.  Hope your week is going good.

Water & Walls

Friendship, Hello, smile



Good Evening!  Whew, we have been busy!  BUT I have walls agains without water pipes showing.  It is looking awesome.  Today’s card will be added to our make n take selection at the conventions…So Enjoy!  The card base is one of The Paper Cut’s square scallop triple cards.


and my new wall!  So exciting!  Now we have an incredible amount of work to finish floors

Baby Cards

baby elephant baby elephant 2

so we continue this week with a baby card!

Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Animal Borader (for the little elephant on the inside) A190 Heart Tiny, F232 Bundle of Joy, DD54 KB’s Elephant.

So we had some excitement at our house this weekend 🙂 You all know how I like DIY projects and I can talk Kevin into just about any project!  He’s been dragging his feet about taking out a wall between the kitchen and dining room.  I finally talked him into it saying…you only have electricity to move and it will be easy.  So we opened up the wall and this is what we found!


Water Pipes!  Ooops!  Needless to say we have a LOT of work to do today!  🙂


New Baby!

Baby Cards

bundle of joy

so we have a new baby in the family!!  Kevin’s brother’s daughter had a baby this week so in honor of our new little nephew we have some baby cards!  Aeden Harvey is his name.. He weighted 8.7 lbs and was 21.5 inches long.  He is a cute little thing 🙂

Stamps Used:  J33 KB’s Baby Animal border, F232 Bundle of Joy

Have a great weekend!  Stay warm!  We are off to town to buy a couple of space heaters 🙂



to my friend

good evening!  It has been a very cold day here in WI.  We got up to -11 degrees and I’m not sure it got up much over 3 or  4 degrees.  I’m pretty sure the electric bill is going to be VERY high this month since the cold continues 🙂

Love this cute card for a friend.  I’ve been busy getting new stamps on the website.  I still have a fair bit to go 😦  very time consuming job 🙂 and boring and tedious (I do NOT do boring and tedious well) but I see the end in sight.  Looking forward to at least 15 degrees tomorrow!

Monday Morning


presentGood Monday Morning to You all!  I hope you are staying warm.  It seems to be very cold across most of the United States!  Well at least on the East!  We have very cold weather about 9 degrees.  Which is just a little bit better than yesterday.  Good day to stay home and stamp 🙂

Here is another card with our new birthday present stamp. I’m hoping to get all the stamps on the website tonight!  We will see how today goes.  I always have a really long list 🙂

Unmounted Stamp Organization

With Sympathy

Photo Feb 12, 5 34 47 PM

Stamps used: E265 Death Leaves a Heartache, HH27 KB’s Whumsy Daisy Lg

KB here, blogging for Beth since they are driving back to Wisconsin this afternoon. Earlier, the question of how I keep my mat so clean came up and it is simply baby wipes (the mat was fairly new too which helps). I think I bought this little pack for $1 at Target a couple months ago. Photo Feb 12, 4 00 18 PMSpeaking of cleaning, I was getting frustrated with my unmounted stamps and have been trying to figure out a good way to organize them. I have a binder, a bucket, and a rolodex. I’m still not sure which works best but today at Target, in the dollar section near the entrance, I found some containers which might work nice.

These are the containers I found. Photo Feb 12, 2 32 05 PM

This is what my bucket looked like before.

Photo Feb 12, 2 45 05 PM Photo Feb 12, 2 38 11 PMAs you can imagine, it is very difficult to find the one I want. Also, they get stuck together, bent, damaged, etc. It would be easier to leave them scattered all across the desk but that looks messy and the cat enjoys chewing on them.

This is kind of how it looks now.

Photo Feb 12, 3 46 01 PM (1)Photo Feb 12, 5 19 20 PMPhoto Feb 12, 2 51 21 PMThe dividers help keep them separated. Yet, I can still keep all the cube words and the reverse sets together. The larger stamps don’t fit in any of the containers but I think they will work better in the binder anyway. If anyone has a good suggestion or something that works for them, we are all ears (or eyes since we will probably be reading your responses)! Happy Thursday!


Wednesday AM



Good Morning!  We made it home at 1:00 am!  Whew!  We had a great drive until the last 30 miles where we ran into snow packed roads.  I will turn around and head to Minnesota for the funeral today.

Stamps Used:  F237 KB’s Present Lg and a birthday fun cube.  We hope to have the new stamps and missing stamps on the web by the weekend.  We have lots of orders that need to go out so lots to do!!