Wednesday’s Card


bright spot

hello! ¬†A couple of new stamps to showcase today ūüôā ¬†Sometimes when we have good selling stamps or stamps that we really like we make them in different sizes. ¬†Our C213 KB’s Lightbulb is one of our best sellers and so we made it a little bigger and a little smaller.

Stamps Used: ¬†G337 KB’s Lightbulb Lg, E277 Bright Spot World. ¬†We do plan to make this stamp again but instead of the word the‚Ķwe will use a… ¬†you are a bright spot in my world.

love the new stamps‚Ķjust want to stamp instead of making stamps ūüôā

So just a little side note…I have been having trouble with pain in my thumbs and my sister had thumb surgery  8 years ago and the symptoms were mimicking hers.  Today I went to the hand surgeon.  Although I do not need surgery now…I will at sometime in the future.  Today I was given an injection of cortisone in the thumb joint.  This will help hold off surgery.  I was hoping it was all in my head but I knew the pain was getting worse.  But glad to know that it can be fixed!