Madison One of a Kind

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Well, I have two load of laundry in baskets to put away (well, technically three if you count the sheets that are washed and dried and stuffed in a basket !) and a sink full of dirty dishes!  But the truck is loaded and packed and ready for Madison! whew!  I thought I would blog tonight and set for publication in the morning since we plan to leave by 6 am!  Yep, leave not get up 🙂

I just had to blog these cups that Karissa did because I think they are so cute.  I love the creative way that she colored the cups and the stamps.  Way Cute!  Hope to see you all in Madison.  You can tell Karissa is using her brother scan n cut by the way the butterflies and bird have been cut out.  Don’t forget the special Black Friday Special from brother.

2 thoughts on “Madison One of a Kind

  1. I can’t make it this weekend, but are you able to sell sets of the cups online? I have used all the ones I bought in Rockford last year and REALLY need to get more..


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