Madison One of a Kind

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Well, I have two load of laundry in baskets to put away (well, technically three if you count the sheets that are washed and dried and stuffed in a basket !) and a sink full of dirty dishes!  But the truck is loaded and packed and ready for Madison! whew!  I thought I would blog tonight and set for publication in the morning since we plan to leave by 6 am!  Yep, leave not get up 🙂

I just had to blog these cups that Karissa did because I think they are so cute.  I love the creative way that she colored the cups and the stamps.  Way Cute!  Hope to see you all in Madison.  You can tell Karissa is using her brother scan n cut by the way the butterflies and bird have been cut out.  Don’t forget the special Black Friday Special from brother.

Oct 3rd

Coffee, Snowman

snowflake cup 1snowflake cup 2

and the snowflake cup!  but do we really want to think about snow??  not sure 🙂

Stamps Used:  H111 KB’s Snowflake lg, C171 KB’s Snowflake Med., DD60 1.0″/1.25″ Circles & Dots, DD61 Snow Fun Cube…and here’s a look at the snow fun cube….DD61

have a great weekend!  If you life in the Strongsville, OH area…we hope to see you this weekend!


Oct 1st

Christmas Cards, Coffee

Santa Cup

It’s a Santa Coffee Cup!  I’ve been working on a make n take project for the Strongsville, OH show this weekend.  It’s a little complicated because you have 10 people doing the project and only 15 minutes!  That is not very much time.  So I decided to do a coffee cup project and sent over the picture of the honeycomb with the bees stamped on the cup (there is a picture of that project on the blog earlier this year!)   BUT I got to thinking (I really need to stop thinking! ) that it is halloween and Christmas time so I should have cups to go along with the season.  I came up with this little Santa cup but it takes way more than 15 minutes to complete so although it is very cute…not for this weekend.

You all know how much I love my brother scan n cut and here is another fine example of why.  I have a flourish punch (like the one on Santa’s belt) but it was way too  big for the coffee cup.  I got to thinking about the pre loaded shapes in the brother and sure enough I found the flourish shape….resized it…and we were good to go!  Love it.

You also know how much I love the little tiny dot stamps that most people think are useless (unless you have one than you know how useful they are!) they have been used for Santa’s cheek and his tongue!  Way Cool!

Well, I have got to get to work.  Lots of orders to go out AND  we have some new stamps coming!  If you noticed the “naughty or nice?” saying??!  It’s on a new fun cube…We should have the new stamps this weekend and hopefully I will get them on the website next week during our time between the two shows while sitting in the hotel!  I also will show you on Thursday and Friday the two coffee cups for the Strongsville, OH make n take Friday night session.

Here is the new naughty or nice fun cube…