Halloween Hi



Good Morning!  We did make it to Flagstaff, AZ last night.  We may be getting a little too old for this long travel.  Boy were we tired!  How is sitting in a truck doing nothing all day so tiring?? We’ve been having trouble with the time change (which has never happened before!)

We have only a few hours to go to get into Phoenix this morning so we are having a nice relaxing morning.  Nice to sleep in but of course we were awake at 4:30 am Flagstaff time since that is 6:30 our time.  So while it seems like sleeping in we are really up fairly early!  We are heading to some friends of ours that we knew when we lived here so will be fun to catch up with old friends.  Kevin and I actually met and married in Phoenix!

Another halloween card since we are fast approaching halloween. Stamps Used:  F225 Halloween Hi, C201 KB’s spider, DD65 Halloween Fun Cube.

I was not able to get the new stamps on the internet since I kept losing internet connection along the way so I finally gave up.  Maybe this morning…the internet seems fairly good at this hotel.

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