Good Evening!  We have been to the Strongsville, OH show where we had a GREAT time!  We spent Sunday with friends in Falls Creek, PA and had a GREAT day!  We spent today traveling to York PA and are GREATLY relived to be be here and settled in.  We plan to spend the next few days working on the website and uploading the new stamps.

This week’s cards all have been watercolored with stripes in the background for a quick easy card.  Stamps Used:  G275 Life gives Clouds, H114 KB’s rainbow Lg

Here’s to a great week!

3 thoughts on “Rainbows!

  1. We are so looking forward to seeing you in york!!! Have a great week! Amy

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  2. Great innovation! Can’t wait to see the new stamps. I wanted to come to York but right now am in the hospital with my Mama. Stamps, Mama, well, Mama wins! “)


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