Tues Feb 11

Valentine's Day

love on valentinesjust a quick post this morning…

We arrived home yesterday after two very long days of travel.  Got ahead of most of the snow but had about a hour and half of snow  Sunday night.  Of course it was dark and that makes it worse but we had no mishaps!

Got home in time to get some groceries and the dog and then we crashed.  Up early this morning to get our special orders out today and it all begins again….make more stamps 🙂

It is very cold this morning -15; the dog has decided the best place to be is in front of the space heater!  I agree but since I don’t have the life of a dog it’s back to work! Have a good Tuesday!

Stamps Used:  D261 KB’s Heartbeat; F67 Love to you on Valentines


2 thoughts on “Tues Feb 11

  1. What a cute card!  Glad you got home safely.  Also glad you got through ATL on your way to see us in Lawrenceville…they called it Snowmegedden!  I’m sure that’s hilarious to someone who’s used to the snow, but us Georgian’s wish for it, and then everything comes to a screeching hault! ;0)   Kim Eppley …and The Savannah Stampers



  2. Happy you are home safely. The -15 is mind boggling to me. We are having another round of messy white stuff. They promised snow but all I have now is sleet. Hopefully we all stay warm!


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