Thursday, Dec 26th

kb bee 1kb bee 3here are a couple of cards Karissa made when she was home for Christmas.  She had to go back on Christmas day so she only got to  spend Tuesday and Wednesday at home.  I wanted to do a lot of work on Tuesday but she convinced me to go shopping instead!  But we had a great day together and I can work any old day! 🙂

Christmas day was busy with the usual turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing etc.. but on Thursday we made porgies.  It is a family dish that has been handed down for generation to generation.  I made them myself this time with a little help from my Dad and Brad.

progies 1

here they all are drying the dough.  We made about 95 of them.  We only had 35 left over!  I was hoping to freeze some for later but we sure did enjoy them.  My brother Brad and my sister Sonya and I had not had them for several years.  We really enjoyed them.  They were worth cooking all day for.  Kevin did the dishes tonight so that us kids cook play Rook together.  It was a good day!

4 Responses to “Thursday, Dec 26th”

  1. Valerie Nykula Says:

    any chance I could get this recipe?
    Hope to see you in Akron next week.

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      I will see if I can get it. It’s kind of a sketchy recipe since it comes down the generations!

      • Valerie Nykula Says:

        I am used to that. I would really love to get it. I know you are very busy, so just get to it when convenient to you. I was at the Akron show, but forgot to ask!
        Thanks, Valerie

      • Valerie Nykula Says:

        Hello! I am still interested in your “sketchy” recipe. You made it sound so delicious!

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