March 22, 2013


bird insideOops! I think I missed blogging yesterday! Bad Head Cold AGAIN! Getting very tired of these head colds that keep coming back to visit. This latest one for whatever reason makes it hard to breath.

You’ll notice on this card and the one the day before that I took two circles. One light blue the other dark blue…cut them in half and used them opposite of each other from the front to the!

March 19, 2013


old book birds insideMore on the ball this morning than yesterday!  Whew some days are just tough.

We had at least 4-5 inches of snow yesterday the ground looks so fresh and clean!  Company coming today so I have lots to do and should probably sweep and dust a little!

These little birds have been fun to work with…actually they are not really little and I like that about them.  We re-did some of the birdie sayings so they fit nicely together.

Enjoy your day!  Hope it’s a good one.


March 15, 2013


old book flowerThis is a bright spring time card!  Although Green Bay looks nothing like spring right now.  Snow.  Yes, it’s snowing again.

Karissa had a rough day yesterday but all is better this morning.  We were hoping for a smooth go of it but she managed to get sick from the meds.  Oh well, that’s life!  Now lets just hope for no dry sockets!  That would be worse.

Although it is snowing outside the birds are chirping!  Reminds us to sing even when things are not going smooth. Have a good weekend.