February 22, 2013


mustacheMustaches are sooooo big!  Life would not be complete without a mustache border stamp!  A cute saying! And you have a card!  I’m hoping to get the mustache stamps on the website by Monday!  Enjoy!

We have a beautiful snowy day.  Had several inches of snow over night with no school today. Sonya and the kids brought donuts over to try out her new four wheel drive Jeep.  What a great way to start the day but now I’m behind so I need to rock and roll and get caught up!


February 21, 2013

Thank You Cards

IMG_1668Good Evening…it’s a little late for me to be blogging but I’ve been very busy today! 🙂  New stamps! so exciting.  I hope to start posting cards next week.  a big thanks a latte to Karissa for this card and the new images.

There’s a new flower I called lavender that is very versatile and some new mustache stamps that are so cute.  Can’t wait to show them off.

We are bracing for another snow storm.  It is suppose to start at 3 am in the morning and continue till 9 pm on Friday.  Good day to just stay home and stamp!


February 18, 2013




Whew, we have had a rough day today!  Some days you just get those days and you might as well grin and bare them.  It all started with a 6 am call from my sister, Sonya (many of you have met her!  Best Sister Ever!) saying her car isn’t running right and will Kevin come help her?  I woke up finally free of head colds and flu symptoms (they have been constant since just after Christmas!)  Only to have a migraine and so I took meds and went back to bed.  I finally get up a few hours later to Sonya calling again.  Kevin had brought her our son Travis’s car and he brought hers home to look at!  Now Travis’s car won’t start and she is stranded at the grocery store.  So off Kevin and Travis go to see what is up with his car.  Well the end result of the day was…Sonya needs to buy a new car and Travis needs a new starter in his car.  So we are off tonight to help her shop for a car.  She wants Kevin’s expert opinion!

My headache finally went away and I actually accomplished a ton of work!  I was in the mood to design new stamps so when the mood strikes…it’s best to follow it.

You’ll see this card is the same as the Bee-cause I care card…just changed the words!  This is one of our most popular Make N Takes this year.  Hope your Monday was a good one!



February 15, 2013


be merry snowmanIt is a cold one out there today!  We had a beautiful day yesterday with temps in the 34 degree range.  cold but not freezing!  We also had beautiful snow falling all day long!  I think we got a total of four inches or so.  It was gorgeous!  This little snowman guy is one of my new favorites!