Aug 12, 2021 – Birthday Wishes

Birthday, Cutting Dies w/ matching stamp, Dull Glossy Paper

Hello! We’ve been a bit busy around here! I had a birthday party to go to so I grabbed a card kit and put it together. Thought I might as well blog it since I have a little time. The card is pretty bright but I love it.

Stamps Used:

CS101 Birthday Clear Set

G348 Cupcake Lg

CDG348 Cupcake Cutting Die

D331 Birthdsy Wishes

EE53 Birthday Candles

F316 Fabulous You!

2 thoughts on “Aug 12, 2021 – Birthday Wishes

  1. Hi Beth – Hope you’re all well and feeling fine. I seem to remember ordering a stamp (cling) from you a while back.  You’re usually so QUICK to deliver, but I haven’t seen it.  Maybe I just dreamed it…how may I check my account to see if perhaps you sent something I never got?  Or perhaps I just intended to buy it and failed to complete the purchase.  I *am* getting elderly and…well, you know the drill. Thanks for checking,Theresa Wright in San Jose


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