Aug 30


Good Morning. We are making stamps for the next convention on our list. That would be Strongsville, OH. I don’t think I have it on our list. Sometimes there is just too much to do. It is a one day show on Sept 15. Cindy always put on a good show.

Freezing Corn this morning. Beats make n stamps for awhile!

Another Heidi card today!

Stamps Used: GG42 Hammer; EE80 Saw; D341 Screwdriver; K10HL

Cutting Die Used: CDGG42 Hammer; CDEE80 Saw; CDD341 Screwdriver; Screw and Screw Head;

6 thoughts on “Aug 30

  1. Hello,

    Love the card. I have a question. I bought the $10 “Bonus Bag” and I was very disappointed. Not only did I not get any dies (which were mentioned) I also received many of the rubber stamps with no backing. How am I supposed to use these? I don’t have the grey backing to add to the purple rubber. Also, I see this is a good way to use sell your scraps but for them not to be usable, not a good deal for the customer. If I can do something to utilize the thin purple rubber stamps – please let me know.

    If it’s possible for me to send back this “Bonus Bag”, for a exchange, I’d be happy to do so.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Victoria Paris


    1. just a couple things ; we will be happy to exchange your bargain bag. It does not mention dies only images. I should make it clearer like the mini bargain bag that some have cushion and some do not. We have had this item for years with no complaints and most buy more! I’m so sorry your disappointed. Just mail back and let me know what you would like in exchange. Beth


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