Nov 14

Good Morning from sunny Yuma, AZ! We will be here for a few weeks enjoying some sunshine. We have lots of work to do so no sitting around 😊

Headed back to the doctor today 😣 my knees are still painful and full of water ☹️

Stamps Used: F237 KB’s Present LG; F293 Wishing Spec Birthday;

and YES we have a die for the present! We are awaiting packaging and then I will load to website.

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3 Responses to “Nov 14”

  1. Christine Holdsworth Says:

    Beth so sorry to hear your knees are still bothering you. Hope the nice Arizona weather is helping.

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  2. Lori DeSaulniers Says:

    Beth – hope the doctor was able to help you – prescribe something, etc., to help with your knees. No fun! also hope the warmer, sunny weather will help! Lori – from Iowa

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  3. amy burkholder Says:

    Hope you feel better!
    Sending good thoughts,lots of prayers your way!

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