May 15

Good Morning!  We are taking travel slow and easy coming home from Colorado. The weather has been beautiful! 

We headed out without coffee this morning but hoping to find it at the first gas station. Looking forward to getting home today. 

Stamps Used: E301 Coffeeology; GG41 KB’s Bean Capp LG; 

4 Responses to “May 15”

  1. Patti J. Says:

    Drive safe, and enjoy that coffee…see you in a few weeks at Collinsville!

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  2. Ronda Ellis Says:

    Too cute 😊

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  3. sharondamico Says:

    How about coming up with some stamps for tea drinkers? Teaology…..A merry heart does good like a cup of tea…..This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and have some tea… You get the idea! Maybe a cute little teapot or a pretty cup and saucer with the teabag hanging out…. I would be interested. Even small canisters of tea with different shapes, like English styles, or Ceylon teas or even Chai designs. My mind is in creative mode. 🙂


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