Wed Sept 10th

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Good Morning!  It’s been a crazy week!  We are trying to get ready for the Colorado show and then to leave for a few days without thinking about work.  We leave this afternoon for our annual church convention and we will not think about working at all.  And it takes a little bit of work to arrange it all!

I have been wanting to try little index cards for some time now and they are so fun, so quick, and so easy!


3 thoughts on “Wed Sept 10th

  1. Beth – too cute! Is your index card folded in half? or just a single side? I will be looking for the snail and “snail mail” in Madison.
    I’m glad you will get some time away – you have been pulling “double duty” with all your house projects and business.
    Will you be posting “after” pictures, showing off all your hard work?
    Have fun!
    See you in Madison!
    Lori – from Iowa


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