April 7

Creatures, Faith, Friendship

good afternoon!  I finally feel like I can breathe again😜 the orders are all out, the towels, sheets, & clothes are all washed again. The paperwork is semi caught up and the “fires” are all out.  whew!  

On to fun things….like new stamps!  Featured on today’s card. 

Stamps Used:  AA32 KB’s Krinkle Butterfly Mini; DD82 KB’s Krinkle Butterflies; E283 Beauty All Around; 

Allentown Peeps!!  Marie, a note for your friend, if she is having trouble scanning with the brother machine. I’ve learned that if you put a light right above the machine it scans better!  I tried it and it seems to work!! Beth

2 thoughts on “April 7

  1. E283 – Beauty All Around I’d like one of these stamps Let me know how much, when you have them made and I’ll stop by to pick it up.

    Thanks, Sue Cicero

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  2. Hi Beth You are certainly busy…my sister and I enjoy your daily card posts. They are great and you are too to send them. When you have time perhaps you could order that heart die you found which seems to be the one I was looking for. Let me know and I will give you my charge number and you could send it. Thanks so much Peggy Hayes

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