More Dots!




Using the solid circles again!  They do make a really fun card…course it helps that I love polka dots 🙂

Very annoyed with my smeared black ink 😦  This brace that the doctor has me wearing for my thumb being out of joint got wet while I was doing the dishes and so when I made the card it got it had a little moisture to it and smeared my ink.

Stamps Used:  AA10 Dual Dots, B68 Block Circle small, C22 Block Circle Med., G207 Birthday and Wonderful year, F237 KB’s Birthday Present Lg

Abundant Sunshine!



birthday2birthday1A cheerful card today because it is a cheerful kind of day!

Kevin looked at me at 8 am as he was crawling out of bed and said “seriously, watching you is exhausting!”  The sunshine is doing amazing things for my productivity!   By 8 am I had done 3 loads of laundry, went grocery shopping, made lunch and supper, made bread, folded all the clothes and put them back in the toy hauler.  Oh and made Kevin breakfast 🙂

Yep…it’s been a good day already!

Stamps Used:  G207 Best Birthday, D249 Happy Birthday, AA10 Dual Dots, C22 Circle Block, B68 Circle Block, EE53 KB’s Skinny Candle


Little Behind


little behind

Hello!  I’m loving this daylight savings time…it stays lighter so much later!  And it is still dark outside in the morning so the cat doesn’t get up quite so early 🙂

so my taxes paperwork is still not done 😦 so that has moved to the top of the list today.  I really hate leaving it to the last minute so I’m just going to bite the bullet and get it done today.  Along with laundry, cleaning toilets and making stamps.  Another day in paradise 🙂

Stamps Used:  EE44 KB’s Bunny w/ Radish, GG33 Line & Dots Circles, C265 Sorry behind, A218 Single Carrot

Love the Weather


sweet dayGood Morning!  We got home at 1:30 am this morning so we are getting a slow start to the morning 🙂  We had a spectacular time in Indianapolis!  We took the toy hauler (we contemplated changing out to the trailer due to the cold weather) but we were concerned because we had been told we would probably only be comfortable down to about 25 degrees.  We woke up Friday morning to 1 degree temperatures!  We were so happy that our toy hauler stayed warm even that cold!  We are really happy with our choice of toy hauler.

First on agenda this morning is to get the special orders out and then get our taxes to the accountant!  I can no longer put that off.  I really dislike paper work 🙂

Hope your day is sweet!

Thurs March 5

Friendship, Hello, Just a Note, smile, Thinking of You


Good Evening!  I hope you are all warm and cozy somewhere because it seems like most of us are in very cold weather.  We have arrived in Lebanon, IN so we are very close to Indianapolis.  It was 32 degrees in the trailer when we stopped but we got the heater turned on and went in for some supper. When we came back it was already up to 50 degrees so I think we will survive 🙂

I accidentally left my cards for the blog at home but luckily I had already taken the pictures…I just don’t have the numbers of the stamps 😦

Wednesday’s Card


bright spot

hello!  A couple of new stamps to showcase today 🙂  Sometimes when we have good selling stamps or stamps that we really like we make them in different sizes.  Our C213 KB’s Lightbulb is one of our best sellers and so we made it a little bigger and a little smaller.

Stamps Used:  G337 KB’s Lightbulb Lg, E277 Bright Spot World.  We do plan to make this stamp again but instead of the word the…we will use a…  you are a bright spot in my world.

love the new stamps…just want to stamp instead of making stamps 🙂

So just a little side note…I have been having trouble with pain in my thumbs and my sister had thumb surgery  8 years ago and the symptoms were mimicking hers.  Today I went to the hand surgeon.  Although I do not need surgery now…I will at sometime in the future.  Today I was given an injection of cortisone in the thumb joint.  This will help hold off surgery.  I was hoping it was all in my head but I knew the pain was getting worse.  But glad to know that it can be fixed!

Tuesday’s Fox



oh, I hope your day was a happy one.  We have continued to make stamps until I think my fingers are going to fall off!  Someone once described my life like a theatre set ( I’ve never been on one but can imagine it!).  When the curtain goes up you just go with how ready you are.  And that is about the way things go around here….when the truck leaves for a show…we just go with what we have 🙂  So Thursday morning the truck will go- however ready we are.

Stamps Used on Today’s Card:  EE36 KB’s Fox, B271 Oh Happy Day

Monday Morning



It’s a new Week!  It’s a new Month!  And we still have cold and snow 🙂  It’s ok it’s winter, right!?!  Looking forward to Spring.  Since we are expecting some snow tomorrow…we’ve used my favorite snowman for today’s card!

Stamps Used:  JJ16 KB’s Snowman Border, G327 Brr, Baby it’s Cold Border.

There is a lot on my “to do” list today.  We’ve decided to hook up the trailer and truck since we are expecting snow and right not we don’t have a lot of snow so easier to move things around.  That means I’m on my own for most of the morning.  Several orders to get out and of course stamps to make 🙂

Have a great Monday.