Mon Feb 24

With Sympathy

lily lgI think perhaps this Lily of the Valley stamp is fast becoming a Favorite of Mine!  It was actually the flower in my wedding.  Due to the new stamps we have been frantically working to get stamps done in time for the Indianapolis show.  Little nervous since snow is predicted for Set up day 😦  Well better get back to work 🙂


6 thoughts on “Mon Feb 24

    1. We are hoping the dies will debut in 2014! I made the decision to match the color of the dies to the color of our rubber which means I have to design a lot more dies for them to do a custom color! Working on that now but really like the idea of the colors matching! I think it will be worth the wait 🙂


  1. Is there any chance that you will be going to Cambridge, MD at the end of March? I am so disappointed the show was moved from Ocean City to Cambridge. But, I was more disappointed not to see your name as a vendor. Ruby Dashiell

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