Update to fox coasters

Coffee, Creatures







Happy Friday everyone! Today I have some updates on the fox coasters and a coffee card. creature coasters

I added another creature to my coasters! I also added a thin fleece layer to the bottom of the coasters to protect surfaces from the wood. Thank you to all who had suggestions for a sealant! These are the 2 I found at Home Depot: a clear gloss and a triple thick glaze. This morning I decided to test them each.


And this was the result. The glaze made the ink bleed on the fox but I wonder if it is because I sprayed too much on. When I tested the clear glaze I was much more conservative and I think it worked better. Might need to put 2 layers on though.

test sealant




I have also been saving my coffee from the morning and making iced coffee with it. Refilled Starbucks frappuccino chilled coffee drink containers with leftover coffee, fresh cream and whole milk. Much cheaper than going to Caribou every day! I also want to put chalkboard paint around the bottles to be able to write on the outside. Will try to post those photos later!


Have a great weekend!

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