On Father’s Day

fathers day carSo yesterday was a little complicated for me and I forgot to blog!  We travelled home after being gone for two weeks!  The grass was over grown, the weeds were out of control, the garage door spring broke (hence the cars are stuck in the garage!), the one truck that was out of the garage had a dead battery, the house was really hot (air conditioner not on), etc… it is a little over whelming to have so much to do that you hardly know where to start!  So taking a deep breath and starting with the garage door.  My studio needs air conditioning to work in it so that will be next.

This card was made by one of my designers Michelle.  I love it.  Father’s day is fast approaching!


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One Response to “On Father’s Day”

  1. Ronda Says:

    So looking forward to seeing that studio…..OK, OK…..I’ll hush 🙂
    Sorry you came home to so many problems…..that’s tough after two weeks out, but hopefully all is working well this am….have a blessed day guys!! Love this card and have this car!

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