June 3, 2019

Cutting Dies w/ matching stamp, Thank You Cards

We are on the move this morning… Going from Indiana to home!

Will be glad for a couple weeks home. My nephew is staying with us so he mowed yesterday so we can go home and enjoy !!

Thanks a ton Grant!!

Stamps Used: DD54 Elephant Lg; A246 Thanks a Ton;

Cutting Die Used: CDDD54 Elephant Cutting Die;

thanks a ton

Baby Cards

        thanks a ton for putting up with our scheduled blogging. The plan is to arrive home today so we can go back to regular blogging.  Stamps Used: A246 thanks a ton (http://shop.endlesscreations.info/A246-thanks-a-ton-A246.htm); CC71 KB’s Baby Elephants Mini (http://shop.endlesscreations.info/CC71-KBs-Baby-Elephant-Mini-CC71.htm)