Dec 26

Birthday, Box Cards, Pirates

The holidays are over and it’s back to work. We celebrated two birthdays while on holiday. Two 20 year olds. The first card was for my niece. I’m pretty sure I won the contest for the best card! 😉 A box card works great for a money holder.

Stamps Used: LL20 HL Jack & Lizzie; FF32 Heart Banner Tag LG; D20HL Treasure Map; E24HL Yo Ho Ho; EE21HL Skull Flag; F21HL Shiver Me Timers; GG20HL Treasure Chest; H20HL Palm Island;

One thought on “Dec 26

  1. Hi Beth, You recently displayed a card that was for a birthday. It looked like a window on the front and a Z card inside. There was a little pull tab on the left. You mentioned that this is a card that you will be teaching in the new year. I assume that is at the Stamp Show in which you are a vendor. It is difficult for me to get to shows and expos. Can I find this card on the internet? What is it called. I very much enjoy your stamps. Thanks, April Strempke


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