Jan 11

Christmas Cards, Coffee

Good Morning! We are happy campers this morning!!  

Our new POS system worked!!! A few minor glitches but our Grapevine customers were patient with us and we survived.  Now to get the kinks worked out. 

The Green Bay Packers won their game. 

We are on our way home…currently somewhere in OK. 

Even though it was 19 degrees last night the camper was warm.

Oh, and I still have most of my hairšŸ˜œ

yep, happy campers.

I’m not sure why my card loaded this way but since we are traveling we are just going with it. This card was inspired by Caribou coffee cup

Stamps Used:  B226 Capp Cup Sm; B286 KB’s Wreath; E263 Smell Coffee; F54 Joyous Holiday; 

Have a great Monday!

2 thoughts on “Jan 11

  1. Do I remember you saying you are not
    Coming to Clearwater in February or
    Gas that changed? I will miss you if you
    Aren’t coming you are my favorite vendor!!!! Sandy


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