Happy Fourth of July!


happy 4th

star spangled

Karissa came home this weekend to help us celebrate the Fourth and to get a cute little present:

kitty 1

our newest addition to the family that will live in St. Paul with her.  Maizie!  She is adorable.  We had to take Karissa’s last kitty to the barn because she was being really naughty and this little kitty is a runt and was getting picked on by the other cats so we rescued it!  Yes, that is my stamping area in the back that always looks like that!  ugh!


maizieHave a wonderful Fourth of July!


4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. I didn’t realize you lived in St. Paul….glad your table looks worse than mine…the kitten is adorable i have rescued 4 of them now.. and a dog to help keep them in control!


  2. Such a cute kitty! Maizie is the name of my year and a half old rescue mixed breed pup. They thought she was Pomeranian; looks mostly German Shepherd. Oh but so cute, tool Maizie is the way I spelled her name, too.
    Your stamping area looks like mine!


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