It’s Friday!

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I’m really excited it’s Friday!  Super Excited to see all my family this weekend. I’m also happy that I got four more make n takes designed.  It will be fun to have some new ones for the Minneapolis show.  So I need to get out to the shop and get them all put together. 🙂

We are leaving for Minnesota later today.  Kevin and our son Travis will head over with the trailer early so they can get set up in the light.  My sister Sonya and I will head over when she is done with work around 6 pm.

So here’s a question…does anybody else’s stamping desk look like mine or is it just me?  The messier the more creative??


have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “It’s Friday!”

  1. earlylight2 Says:

    Do you have 2 shows in Minnesota? Bloomington better be next weekend or I am in trouble.

    • endlesscreationsrubberstamps Says:

      We are leaving early because my nephew has a graduation party this weekend. Then I’m going to paint my parent’s kitchen cabinets early next week before the Minneapolis show! Your good Bloomington is next weekend 🙂

  2. Sue C Says:

    Have a wonderful time with your family! To answer your question about messy stampin’ space ….. Mine does get messy sometimes, but not that messy. But you are a much busier person than I am Beth.

  3. Lori from Iowa Says:

    Beth – enjoy your time w/ your family.
    If it makes you feel better – my room is 10 times worse! I think I have a desk in there somewhere!

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