Live Every Moment

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Good Evening!  We made it home from Akron at 4 am this morning!  Long night but woke up around 9 am refreshed and ready to go again.  I must admit to sleeping on the way home.  Kevin is a night owl so driving at night is far better for him than in the daytime.  Plus the traffic in Chicago is much better 🙂

We had a fabulous time in Akron!  So fun to see everyone there again.

Love this card…Karissa has been using up that calendar.  I love that this card has the first day of spring on it.  We had some super nice sunny weather today.  Little chilly but nice.  My clothes failed to dry on the line so they finally had to go in the dryer.  I got all the orders out and all the brother machines ordered that were sold this weekend so feeling caught up.

Stamps Used:  GG35 KB’s Primrose Lg, J35 Live Love Laugh, The butterfly stamp I will have to look up and get on the website 😦 didn’t realize it wasn’t on.  Have a great evening.

2 thoughts on “Live Every Moment

  1. Beth, Did you remember to keep out the grad embossing folder I requested before you packed up your van after the weekend?


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