Leaving Florida



just a quick post this morning 🙂

We are finally leaving Florida.  We had a great show in Clearwater!  THANK YOU ladies!  There was a little excitement as we left the show.  Soon after we started breaking down the fire alarms went off.  Nobody could find a fire in the building we were in but suddenly there was smoke coming from the building next door.  Soon the fireman were there with lots of fire trucks.  We hurried up and left.

Our new trailer has a little sway to it so Kevin thought as long as we were in nice warm Florida we would stay and get some air bags and shocks put on to make the drive home a little easier but nobody had parts in stock. 😦  Then we got word this morning that my aunt died.  We had been expecting it since she was doing poorly but I can’t imagine losing my mother so my heart hurts for my cousins.  So we decided to head home this morning so I can hopefully get home for the funeral.

Karissa has been putting her brother machine to good use!

Photo Feb 07, 9 04 58 AM

boy, she sure keeps that mat clean!  I need to be better about cleaning my mat.

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