Monday, Dec 8th

snowman 1snowman 2Monday Morning it is!  The weekends go sooooo fast!  I’m sending thanks this morning.  I really love the new fun cubes.  We are working on more too!  The sending fun cube is so useful for all kinds of things.  Tomorrow you’ll see it on a Christmas card.  Here’s what it looks like:

DD59I also need to make another sympathy card and I’m think of using the sending love.

Well it is cold here!  Minnesota is even colder and Karissa had no heat at her house yesterday.  The landlord apparently called everybody and everybody was busy.  She bought a space heater and heated up some rice pads for inside her bed.  She said it was 46 degrees in the house- that’s cold!  I hope she survived it!

Stamps Used:  JJ16 KB’s Snowman w/ Mouse border, DD60 1.00/1.25 Circles & Dots, C171 KB’s Snowflake, A212 KB’s Snowflake, DD59 Sending Fun Cube, F26 Your Thoughtfulness



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