#1 Dad

Front Tie Card

Front Tie Card



Here is a really quick Father’s day card. This card can be made in under 15 minutes which doesn’t seem like long at all when some cards take an hour or longer. This is great for when you wait till the last minute to get a card made. But as Sonya says, “If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute.” 3D dots were used to add another dimension. Copic markers were used to color in the tie.  A signature/initials can be added by the little tie on the back of the card. Or a handmade by would be really cute.

The weather is supposed to be perfect here in MN this evening so we are having a little gathering tonight to get some shish kabobs on the charcoal grill. Really excited! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and we will be back on Monday with another card! Also, huge thank you to all who respond to the little survey! It is greatly appreciated and we will hopefully have something coming soon in the form of a catalog.

Stamps used: G331 KB’s Heart Tie, C227 KB’s Heart Tie Sm (on back of card near bottom)

#1 Dad is handwritten

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