Congratulations Graduate!


congrats graduateSo  Graduation is coming up!  We just got an invite for a young neighbor girl.  So hard to believe she is that old already! This card has two punches on it..the small scallop and then the holes are actually a punch too.  One of my favorites.

Painting continues in the studio!  Painted six cabinets yesterday!  Stiff and Sore today!  Rain coming this afternoon so I need to get to work!  Enjoy your day!


Congratulations H19


Graduation is just a few months away…it’s never too early to get your cards done! We have no one graduating this year. Every other year for the next eight years we have someone graduating in our family. It all started four years ago with our son graduating, then my nephew Blake, next it’s Grant, then Austin, then Hallie and then Drew! Whew time flies!