Dec 15

Christmas Cards, Snowman

Good Morning!  It is freezing here in WI. It was 3 degrees when we went to bible study last night. That’s bone chilling cold 😳

We finished most of the stamps yesterday  and just need to bar code them all today. I usually clean the house on Wednesday but we were intent on getting the stamps done so cleaning house today. 

Another cute little tag today that needed the To/From moved down πŸ™„

Stamps Used: A74 To/ From Mini; DD75 Christmas Cheer Fun Cube; EE37 Plain Snowman;

2 thoughts on “Dec 15

  1. He’s a cutie! Why not put the To/From on the back? That’s what I finally did because I couldn’t get the spacing right. Then with a sticker the tag can be used over again too!

    Stay warm πŸ™‚


  2. Love that snowman looking up at the snow!!! Soooo cute! Stay warm. We were at 19 degrees yesterday and I thought that was cold. Can’t imagine 3.


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