Complicated Monday!

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so yesterday was a little crazy for us!  We finally arrived home from Novi, MI around 2:30 in the morning. Usually I sleep but because of the HUGE thunderstorms that went across the Midwest, Kevin needed me to stay awake to keep checking the radar. It was chasing us as we left MI and then we finally ran into it as we came back around the lake in Chicago. It was pretty ferocious!  The lightening was amazing but I would really rather not be driving in it with a really big RV!

Then I had to be up by 7 am to get my orders for accessories in only to be told they are so far behind right not that I have no hope of receiving my order for the Stampaway show this weekend. Such is life- should have stayed in bed 😊

Stamps Used: F210 Rectangle Dots;  DD47 KB’s Circle Roses; DD59 Sending Fun Cube; EE25 Dots & Lines; C124 Wanted to Let

A BIG THANK YOU to my neice Hallie for helping me in Novi! 

One thought on “Complicated Monday!

  1. It was great seeing you. I enjoyed participating in the make and take its…loved them. Glad you made it back safe but sorry to hear you had some scary weather to go through. Love the stamps I bought.


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