Monday, Jan. 13th

love youthis is one of our new cards on the booth displays!  It so cute in real life.  The circles are actually cut outs which add depth to the card.  Very Cute!

a BIG thank you to Grapevine, TX for making another great show for us!  a HUGE thank you to Andretta and Eden for helping me in the booth!  the long under wear are back on and we are headed back to cold country.  Weather doesn’t look too bad for Tuesday- just 21 degrees and 14 degrees for Wednesday.  I can handle that!  really liked the 70 degrees in Texas.   Have a great Monday!



2 Responses to “Monday, Jan. 13th”

  1. kd56556 Says:

    I had so much fun at your booth yesterday at Grapevine. You are my favorite vendor of all the shows that come to Texas. Your stamps are such high quality and are so versatile. I find myself going to your stamps time after time, while others sit in a drawer! You booth samples are so inspiring! Thank you for your creativity! Can’t wait til next time!

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