Happy New Year!

gift card 1gift card 2This is project 2 in my new envelope punch board class!  It’s adorable!  And easy!

Happy New 2014 to everybody…I know I’m a little late…things are always a little frantic right before the first show of the year…Getting all the D&T’s designed, new MNT’s and of course the class, AND re-doing all the cases.  Re-doing the cases is the most tedious and boring job ever!  All the new stamps need places, the non-sellers need to be taken out and of course that means all the cards need to be shifted too!  so we are very busy!  and as many can imagine…boring and tedious is NOT my cup of tea 🙂

We also have this very old dog named Cocoa who is 18 years old and very frail but has a wonderful disposition so we can’t put her down.   But she takes a whole bunch of time!  We even cook for her because she has decided she doesn’t like dog food.  Her favorite treat is Fruit Loops!  I think Kevin will take good care of me when I’m old because he takes such good care of Cocoa!

I hope we all have a good year for 2014 in all the ways that God would want us too!



3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Beckyt O'Donnell Says:

    HI Beth, Becky O’Donnell from New York here, I’ve just finished the cards for the convention in April and realized, maybe I should show them to you so you can tell me if their is a stamp that is not available anymore. Please send me an e-mail address so I can send them directly to you. . Thanks Becky

  2. Beckyt O'Donnell Says:

    kewl gift card

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