H19 with Christmas


Since I am having trouble finding my Bib Cards….I found this awesome Christmas Card that goes with our H19 Block from last week so I thought I would upload that today!  It has come to our attention that H19 in missing from our website so I will fix that this morning too!  Cleaning the house can wait!  A clean house is over rated anyway right!??

2 thoughts on “H19 with Christmas

  1. I tried to buy this block stamp at O.C.
    Convention. You were out. I want to purchase this for future Christmas Cards. Does the words sell separately? I want Merry Christmas and possibly Happy Birthday……….


    1. HI Violet! Yes we were out of the H19 stamp at the Ocean City Convention! We have them back in stock now…They can be ordered off our website. The stamp actually comes with Happy Birthday in it. I just don’t ink the Happy Birthday and put other sayings in it. When you look at the H19 stamp on the online store, it will show you the other stamps that work with the Block! Thanks for asking!


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