Nov 28

Snowman, Triple Scallop Square

Good Evening!  Happy Cyber Monday!  I have to confess as much of an online shopper that I am ( I even buy groceries online!) I did not buy one cyber Monday deal. I can’t believe it😊 We started making stamps for the next show so I kept myself busy. We had some unexpected company for supper and the evening so no time to shop!  

We made some cards this weekend using a lot of glitter paper. Sarah from The Paper Cut gave me a stack of it so it was time to start using it. 

Stamps Used: AA27 Snowflakes; DD60 Dots & Lines Circles; DD61 Snow Fun Cube; DD89 Dots & Lines Squares; E246 Snowflakes Blizzard; EE24 KB’s Twig Snowman; 

Sept 9

Halloween, Triple Scallop Square

We’ve spent a long night in the shop last night since we seem to be a little behind. So many stamps to make 😳 So many Make n takes to stuff! 😳 Today’s card is a new Make n Take we’ve added.

Cutting Die Used: Triple Scallop Square Card Making Die; 

Stamps Used: D198 Happy Halloween Chiller; DD62 KB’s Flying Bats; DD63 Dots & Circle; B121 Empty One inch Square; DD65 Halloween Fun Cube; E186 Be Careful, Beware; EE50 KB’s Ghosts; FF46 KB’s Long Spider; HH20 Lots of Dots Border;

Sept 8

Christmas Cards, Triple Scallop Square

Good Morning!  We are up early this morning to take a day off from stamp making. Our son is about an hour a way for a short time so we are taking advantage of it and going out to see him. Not good cell service out there so it’s really getting away 😊

I’ve been forgetting to put the link to the cutting dies so here is the link for today’s cards die: Triple Scallop Square Card Making Die

Stamps Used: B121 Open Square; D316 KB’s Merry Christmas Long; C286 Merry Christmas Stacked; F193 Hanging Bells; F244 God Bless Holiday Season; HH20 Lots of Dots Border;

August 30

Birthday, Triple Scallop Square

We got all the orders out!  Finished at 11 pm last night. We did freeze corn and make honey butter yesterday evening so had a lot going on😳

Today we are leaving for a couple of days…got a little painting project for a friend. We will be in an area of WI that has very little internet access so will be out of touch for a couple of days. looking forward to it. 

Stamps Used:  AA10 Dual Dots Lg; B121 Open Square; C203 Happy Birthday Typo; D153 Day to Remember; D303 KB’s Present med; E144 Happy Birthday; HH20 Lots of Dots Border; Triple Scallop Square Card Making Die;

August 25

Birthday, Triple Scallop Square

hello!  since I’m always just a little behind belated birthday cards are essential!  My parents are coming today so need to do a little cleaning πŸ˜‰ and I will be working on current orders. 

Kevin has been working on the under belly of the fifth wheel…although it is under warranty…he likes to fix things himself. The water tank wasn’t braced so it was bowing and leaking. It was a big project but almost done and done right! Will be glad to have that done. 

Stamps Used: B121 Open Square; CC31 KB’s Bee Small; D192 Happy Belated Birthday; EE19 KB’s Bees Large; F169 Bee-lated Birthday; J16 Honeycomb Large; Triple Scallop Card Making Die; 

August 24

Christmas Cards, Triple Scallop Square

Good Morning!  We have a muggy hot morning after thunderstorms most of the night. Love that the flowers have been watered!

The last of the orders should be going out today. That makes me happy to be caught up on orders…now paper workπŸ™„ groan! 

Loving the triple scallop square die!

Stamps Used: B121 Open Square; DD83 Choose Fun Cube; E198 Santa’s Face; C193 Ap’s HollyF13 Twinkle Background; D316 KB’s Merry Christmas; F244 God Bless Holiday; Triple Scallop Sq Die;

August 22

Snowman, Triple Scallop Square

Good Morning!  We got home at midnight Saturday night. I got to spent most of the day yesterday stamping!  I had so much fun 😊 

I love snowman and loved how this card came out. I had these snowflake dies from Penny Black for awhile now and was so excited to use them. 

LOTS to do today. I know, very unusual for meπŸ™„ Four weeks to our next show so at least I won’t be working day and night…just the day. 

Stamps Used:  B121 Open Square; EE37 Plain Snowman; DD83 Choose Fun Cube; D275 Holidays Snowman; Triple Scallop Square Die;

Note: the cutting die states out of stock but I will fix that latter today.