Dec 5

Good Evening!  I had a fabulous weekend with my cousins and even finished my quilt. Here is a picture of it…

it was a fun project and fun weekend but I need a few days to recover from the lack of 😴 sleep. Got several orders out today and had lunch with our son and his co-worker so it was a nice day. 

Stamps Used:  DD60 Dots & Lines; G230 Wish Merry Christmas Border; A214 Santa Face Mini; B146 Christmas Tree;

4 Responses to “Dec 5”

  1. Sue C Says:

    LOVE THE QUILT! Glad you had a good time, Sonya as well. I do know how one comes back needing sleep. The fun you have is well worth the loss of sleep!

  2. Melanie Morris Says:

    Beautiful quilt! Congrats on finishing…I have enough unfinished projects that I totally get what a joy/relief it is!

  3. Elaine Hoogerwerf Says:

    The quilt is fabulous! Do you ever sleep? Don’t know how you do it all!

  4. Liz Says:

    Cute card and a fun quilt!

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