Nov 21


Hello!  Well you may have thought we fell off the face of the earth but we didn’t.  😳We just completed 8 shows in the past 9 weeks. That was a little more than was comfortable.  Now we have just 1 show in the next 6 weeks.  yahoo! Looking forward to the time at home. 

We have lots to do in that time. We change the booth all around; we move the new stamps into their proper section, clean out discontinue product and cards made with them. Lots of boring tedious work.  My favorite kind of work 🙄

Today’s card is a simple anniversary card. Stamps Used: F248 Greatest year; F249 Happy Anniversary; H28 Wedding Outfits, LG;

2 thoughts on “Nov 21

  1. Hi Beth, Will you be at any more shows that Stamplistic will be there as well? I may want to get some stamps and have Fred pick them up if you are. Please let me know. Thank you, Melissa (York,PA)


    1. I’m not sure because I thought I understood she was moving to all Scrapbook Expo shows. We start w Grapevine TX in Jan. Then Lawrenceville, GA; Clearwater, FL& then Columbia, SC in Feb. We should have schedule posted after Thanksgiving. Hope this helps.


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