Here’s a card from our booth!  I thought we were going to be home yesterday but math is not a strong suit of mine and I certainly miscalculated how long it would take to get home.  We made it to Indianapolis, IN last night so a short 7 hour journey home this am.  Ran into rain, hail and lots of lightening in KY so we had to stop for a little to be sure we were safe!  Anxious now to get home so we can get ready for Carson, CA!

New Friends


I had to take a picture of these two ladies, Joyce and Maryanne.  I met them in my class on Saturday.  They had never stamped before.  Joyce just googled stamps and StampFest Orlando came up so they decided to come to the show and sign up for classes!  Any one who has taken my Embossing Folders 102 class would realize how incredible it was that they ended up in my class.  That class has tons of techniques in it that are not just ordinary stamping.  I couldn’t believe it when they told me half way through the class that they had never stamped before.  It was a good thing it was half way through and not at the beginning or I would have panicked. They did EXCELLENT!  I was so proud of them and how they just followed instructions and made beautiful cards!