July 25, 2012


This new daisy stamp may become a favorite of mine.  I like that it is back to back and I can use my stamp a ma jig to get it just right.  If you ordered a small brayer in Carson, CA….they shipped yesterday so start watching for them.  The special orders from Colorado Springs should ship today.  We got a little behind.  Came home with two weeks of laundry to a broken washing machine.  ugh.  Got a new  one, not sure what I think of it yet….time will tell…at least it washes clothes and we will have clean clothes to pack today so we can leave in the morning for Bloomington!

July 24, 2012


I choose this card this morning thinking of all you who make my world colorful!  We finally made it home last night at midnight after a long night and long day of travel!  Glad to be home for a few days before we leave for the Bloomington, MN show.  If you are in Minnesota the show will be held at the Ramada Mall of American.  Easy to find!  We will be doing make n take in our booth…hope to see you there.

July 18, 2012

Christmas Cards

Well, we limped in to Colorado Springs this evening!  Truck has some kind of problem with the mass air flow sensor.  What it means…I have no idea but the truck doesn’t like 90 degree weather!  Kevin thinks we just need to change it out to a higher quality one and should be better.  Lucky when we leave Sunday night it should be cooler.  We may just have to travel at night until we get home and get it changed!  Today I have a quick and simple Christmas card idea.  Have been thinking of adding it to the make n takes?!