Aug 28

Thinking of You

Good Morning! We have so much company coming this weekend that every bed is being used including the toy hauler !! My sister is on cooking duty so that will help.  My Mom is putting sheets on all the beds while I get the orders out.  

Another paint chip used. Actually I think it is the same one just cut in half. 

Stamp Used: F60 Thinking of You Vertical; FF33 KB’s Birdbath 

For those who have been wondering…we still have no information on the new brother and at this point they have not decreased the price of the other yet. We are not sure why because we were originally told August. We will keep you posted. 

enjoy the weekend!

Aug 27


We are off this morning to have lunch with our son. Taking his cousin Austin out to see him. As soon as I get my orders done we’ll be off. Not sad to be leaving my cart job ๐Ÿ˜‰

My parents are coming today and our daughter , and my brother and sister in law coming Friday.  So lots to do !! beds to get ready , bathrooms to clean, floors to wash… so exciting! 

So simple cards it is…

Stamps Used: JJ15 Large Branch; F222 KB’s Wise Owl Lg; E245 Hoot Hoot Birthday

Aug 26

Thinking of You

I started my cart project yesterday and after 8 hours of work, I have one section done!  11 sections to go! I dislike tedious work๐Ÿ˜” 

Kevin and Austin have our son’s old car fixed and Austin is buying it! We have 7 old cars and I have been trying to get Kevin to get rid of them ๐Ÿ˜Š One down a few more to go. 

Another simple card today. Found some of my paint samples and used one here. 

Stamps Used: D48 Thinking of you Today; B239 KB’s Daisies

Aug 25

Thinking of You

Hello! We are starting our big Cart project today. The boys got everything out of the trailer and into the shop so now the work starts. We usually spent 3-4 hours straightening the wood stamps at each show and we are trying to eliminate that. It means adding something between them to keep them from shifting during travel. It also means total re-arrange of the stamps and display cards!  BIG JOB!๐Ÿ˜Š

Simple two stamp card today.

Stamps Used: AA13 Daisies; G78 Thinking of You 

Aug 21



so here is the last of the pink wedding cards! I’ve noticed that when I’m in a hurry for cards… I tend to head to the triple circle drawer because they are quick and easy. 

Stamps Used: D286 Congratulations and Best wishes; G310 Weddings Car; G333 Beautiful Life;

We are all set up at the threshing show! It was a super nice day here in Minnesota but I got burnt because you hardly noticed the sun it was so nice.   

so here is the crazy event. We will work from 7 am to 8 pm for the next three days. Much harder than an indoors rubber stamp convention!!  Enjoy your weekend!

Aug 20


Good Morning! We had a busy day at Mom and Dad’s yesterday.  I made 6 pints of honey butter, froze corn, and made some rhubarb crisp for them. A good day.  Kevin and Dad got the trailer all loaded so today we are headed to the Nowthen Thrashing show to set up the antique tools. 

This is like Christmas for my Dad!  He’s so excited! 

Stamps Used: A186 Solid Heart; D221 KB’s Wedding Cake; DD63 Dots & Circles; E197 New Mr & Mrs; G333 Beautiful Life

Aug 18


Our wedding theme continues this week.  We’ve been busy in the shop this week so our remodeling has come to a sudden stop๐Ÿ˜ข but it’s always good to have work๐Ÿ˜Š

We are finishing up on the orders today and then heading to Minnesota to help my Father with his antique tool show.  Much fun but lots of work.  

Stamps Used: D64 Wedding Bells Small; G333 Beautiful Life; G336 Special Couple; Scallop SQ Triple Cutting Die

Aug 14


We had a hot day yesterday!  I think temps reached into the 90’s. I stayed cool in the shop but then I painted the cabinets for the mudroom and the garage was a little warm but the paint job is looking good!

Today is more of the same: stamps to be made, orders sent out and then I get to paint!

The boys are going to be adding some recessed lighting in the kitchen. And yes, this is a new added project!  We need to paint the ceiling before putting in the tile and we got to thinking about how dark the kitchen is and how to add more light. Kevin loves electrical work so he’s smiling today ๐Ÿ˜Š

Stamps Used: E138 Faith; A236 KB’s Front Lamb Mini; D255 My Sheep