Another 3.5″x5.0″ Card



My 3.5″x5.0 cards continue!  40 is a lot of cards.  For those of you just joining the blog…a friend of my had a 40th birthday and we were all asked to send her 40 of “something” small.  I sent 40 3.5″x5.0 handmade cards which we have been showing on the blog over the past month or so.  Interestingly the 40 cards took me about 4 hours to complete.  I cut and scored all the card stock which can be time consuming.  I also made some of them with the triple circle dies that I cut.

Maybe you noticed I forgot to blog yesterday!  That happens sometimes 🙂 Finally got my house clean yesterday, spent 5 hours in the shop, made supper for the crew (my sister and her family live near by and we eat together on Wednesday nights!), went to town and changed the oil in the truck and rotated tires (ok so I just sat and read a book while someone else did all that!), purchased flowers to plant and bricks to edge a flower patch, got stain to stain the new door to the laundry room, went to bible study in the evening, and then to DQ with some friends!  So all that leads to a big day today…a door to stain, that paint project from the other day still needs to be done, have to take truck to town to get the camper shell put on, need to put my 5 hours in the shop in, plant flowers and build the flower bed…:) too busy to get in trouble! Hope your week is going good

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