Monday May 5th

Anniversary/Wedding, Valentine's Day

heartbeat card

Good Morning Ladies!  I have to say that the $449.00 I spent on my new Brother Scan N Cut Machine was the best investment in a tool in a really long time!  Look at how awesome it cut out the heart beat stamp.  I played all afternoon yesterday in my studio and it cut perfect every time.  I think I have  the stamp, scan, and cut part figured out.  I do have the bigger (I think it has more patterns!) machine.  It also comes with more pens/blade holders that sort of thing.

this is what it looks like from the paper I cut it out of…

heartbeat scan

sorry about the shadow 🙂

here is what my awesome machine looks like…


I have ordered three machines to sell.  We are headed to Puyallup, WA and hope to have three machines there too.  If anybody wants one….just email me at and I can save you one if you pre-pay for it.  They are $449.00.  No shipping if you pick up at the show.  If someone lives in WI and wants to drive to my house to pick up a machine.  There will also be no shipping charges.  If you live any where else in the US and want one -I charge just what the post office charges me to ship plus insurance on it.  I don’t add any $$ to the shipping charge.  SO if you want one…just email me.  Shipping will be different for where ever you live!  Seriously this is the machine for STAMPERS!


my sister made this for a friend that got married and cut it out with vinyl.  We printed it on the computer, then scanned it, and then cut it!

3 thoughts on “Monday May 5th

  1. I really appreciate the input on the scan and cut by Brother. Did you know that as of the 9th of this month Walmart is going to carry them? After seeing this, I so want one, so want one! Love what it can do!


      1. Well, I have a little more information about the Wal-Mart Brother Scan and Cut. They can only carry the less one and they have to price it at $399. so that is good. We do still have three on order but two are sold!


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